COVERAGE ARD Presentation at CEOS SIT35

The COVERAGE perspective of Analysis Ready Data (ARD) was presented by Dr. Vardis Tsontos as part of joint talk with NOAA and NASA/JPL colleagues entitled “ARD Opportunities in the Coastal and Ocean Domains” during the recent CEOS SIT-35 meeting (25-26 March, 2020).
Presentation   |   Transcript


COVERAGE Prototype Web-visualization Tool Demo Video Released

A demonstration video highlighting the range of COVERAGE inter-agency satellite and in-situ data sets displayed within the project’s advanced Web-based visualization tool was release on 4/13/20. Remote sensing data for various parameters are integrated and shown in relation to Atlantic Bluefin tuna, marine turtle, and bird animal telemetry data, AIS fishing vessel data, and commercial fishery spatial catch/effort series for a range of large pelagic species. Stunning movements of these organisms both horizontally and vertically through the water column as they track environmental features are displayed through this highly interactive and intuitive visualization tool. Visual exploratory analysis of the integrated, rich data layers enable the generation of hypotheses on the role of environmental seascapes, fishery activity and individual animal behavior on population level structure and dynamics.

OSM20 Data Fair Ocean Data Visualization

The COVERAGE project’s perspective on approaches, technologies and considerations for integrated Web-based visualization of multi-variate ocean data was presented by Dr. Vardis Tsontos as part of a panel discussion at the Visualization Data Fair session  organized by the ESIP-Federation.  Panelists at this packed session included representatives from NOAA, UCSD/SIO, and JPL/COVERAGE.  Discussions emphasized the need for:

  • Capabilities support the spectrum of different spatial data types, ranging form gridded, vector, and discrete sampling geometry (point, profile, trajectory, time series) representations
  • Consideration of not only fronted-client tolls but the importance in particular of back-end data provisioning services enabling visualization frameworks

A spirited and productive conversation ensued between the audience and panelists in the Q&A session that followed.

COVERAGE NASA Hyperwall Presentation @ OSM20

The COVERAGE project’s state-of-the-art Web-based data visualization tool was presented during two NASA Hyperwall sessions at the Ocean Sciences 2020 conference on 2/19 by Dr. Vardis Tsontos to a very favorable reception.  Integrated visualization of oceanographic data of various types was demonstrated.  These included satellite imagery for mutliple parameters, animal telemetry, research cruise, saildrone, and other in-situ data.  The power of the tool for exploratory visual data analysis via this elegant and intuitive user interface was emphasized.

COVERAGE Phase B Project Kicks-off

COVERAGE Team Kick-Off meeting

The COVERAGE Phase-B project (prototype development) officially began on in early October, 2019 with NASA support.
The COVERAGE team, based at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, held a project kick-off meeting on 9/30 to discuss the work and plan next steps.