COVERAGE Website Goes Live!

The COVERAGE Website ( was publicly released and announced on 31 August, 2020. Integration of portal data services & tools will occur by the conclusion of the Phase B (prototype system implementation) project work in October. Content development and further posts will be ongoing.

COVERAGE Virtual Workshop with EUMETSAT

The COVERAGE Project held a very productive workshop session on Thursday 27 August 2020 with EUMETSAT. This involved a series of presentations and live demonstrations of prototype capabilities that stimulated great discussion. We appreciate the participation of our European counterparts quite late into the evening for them, and all the helpful, positive comments. Thanks for the interest and support, and we look forward to continued interactions in future. Many thanks also to the JPL COVERAGE team for their contributions and commitment to the project.

Meeting slides available here

COVERAGE/OIIP Talk on Animal Telemetry Data Standards @ESIP-Summer 2020 Meeting

A presentation was given by Dr. V. Tsontos on OIIP/COVERAGE work related to the development of Animal Telemetry Data data standards was given in the Marine Data Cluster session on “Ocean in-situ Data Interoperability” at the ESIP-Summer 2020 Conference ( Some of the challenges associated with electronic tagging datasets were described, together with necessary extensions leading to the development of the nc-eTAG specification (

Presentations Materials:
Presentation slides
Talk recording

COVERAGE Workshop @ESIP-Summer 2020 Meeting

The COVERAGE Project held a workshop session on Wed. 15 July 2020 during the recent ESIP-Summer 2020 meeting (

The session included a series of presentations and demonstration of software capabilities followed by discussions with the audience.

Related Resources:
Meeting slides

Thanks to the COVERAGE team, participants and ESIP for a productive session!

COVERAGE Talk @GEO-BON 2020 Conference

An overview of the COVERAGE project was presented in the Remote Sensing session of the recent GEO-BON 2020 Conference held online 6-10 July.

Thanks to for the invitation to participate and for putting on an interesting meeting.

Presentation slides
Talk video recording

COVERAGE Demo Videos Released

Series of COVERAGE Demo Videos Released

In support of our recent Advisory Board meetings on the 22nd and 23rd of June, a series of 5 demonstration videos spanning a range of COVERAGE system technical capabilities were released spanning the following areas:

  • Website overview
  • New user interface for our Web-based Data visualization tool
  • SDAP analytics
  • Automated integration of remote in-situ data
  • Visualization of AIS vessel and RFMO fisheries species spatial catch/effort data

COVERAGE SDAP Cloud Analytics Demo

COVERAGE Analytics Video Released

Video of COVERAGE SDAP high performance cloud analytics capabilities for an AWS deployment of the system demonstrated using Jupyter notebook interfaces on an extensive series of daily MUR-SST satellite imagery data.
Examples include:
– Area average time series computations
– Time area map for user defined areas