COVERAGE seeks to develop a generalized data service infrastructure capable of supporting a range of applications.  The current thematic pilot application use case has an ecosystem focus.  It seeks to demonstrate the potential of the technical system in supporting applications relating to marine biodiversity involving synergistic use of remotely sensed environmental data from satellites and in-situ biological observations.  There is much need for such an improved, integrated approach to addressing a range of marine ecosystem assessment and monitoring applications in support of the GEO Marine Biodiversity Observations Network (GEO-MBON), GEO Blue Planet, and other such international initiatives related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the Oceans.  

Application Focus

The COVERAGE thematic demonstration, “High seas Tuna Fisheries in Relation to the Environment”, aspires to more fully realize the potential of earth observations, particularly for ecological and dynamic ocean management applications.
Examples include:

  • habitat analyses for highly migratory species
  • studies on the stock structure of pelagic fish communities
  • spatial catch forecasting
  • by-catch mitigation
  • marine protected area selection & fisheries closed area designation
  • emerging ecosystem-based fisheries assessment frameworks

Here we assemble a range of baseline satellite and in-situ datasets of relevance in support of such applications.


Maps of RFMO tuna abundance, AIS fishing vessel distribution and tuna animal telemetry data
RFMO tuna species catch and effort data [left panel], AIS vessel positional data [middle panel], and Bigeye and Yellowfin electronic data [right panel] for the Pacific

COVERAGE presents in a compelling manner, via advanced yet accessible visualization and computational services, a coherent set of interagency remote sensing data products of essential ocean variables that are coupled with relevant biological datasets:

  • Multi-species, monthly spatial catch and effort series from the four tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs)
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) fishing vessel positional data from Global Fishing Watch.
  • Animal telemetry data from collaborating agencies, including IMOSCSIRO, and US IOOS-ATN.

Further details on the constituent datasets comprising the COVERAGE proof of concept demonstration are given in the Data:In-situ section of this site.  Provisioning of these data from agency sources are discussed within Technology: System Architecture.

Agency sources of COVERAGE biological datasets